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Thompson Enamels + Pam East Products

*** A perfect union has been formed between Thompson Enamel, Pam East & Metal Clay Supply! ***



Thompson Brand Enamels Are Here!

Thompson Brand Enamels Are Here!


Thompson Enamel is by far the premier supplier of the best lead-free enamels available today! Their dedication to quality and consistency cannot be matched. We are honored to be named their newest official distributor. Along with their wonderful products, we have teamed up with world renowned enamelist Pam East to provide you with the most comprehensive information available!



 One of only nine Master Art Clay Instructors in the North America, Pam came to Metal Clay Supply in August 2012 to discuss a collaboration that would make enameling for metal clay artists approachable by being precise about methods and to help them understand the exact nature of each and every Thompson enamel and how they interact with silver and copper metals. She also wanted to make entry into enameling easy for newcomers to the metal clay arts and has created a fantastic enameling kit based on her 16 years of experience. Pam is one of the key players in this “perfect union” and THE talent that makes our new enameling program cohesive.


Metal Clay Supply is one of the key parts in this perfect union.
Here is what Pam has to say…

“I chose to work with Metal Clay Supply due to my long experience with them as a company highly supportive of their customers and their commitment to producing high quality products. But most importantly, I chose them because of their dedication to making metal clay, and all it’s facets, as accessible and successful as possible for everyone through education and the development of products designed to simplify processes.”
Pam’s penchant for creating tools and materials began twelve years ago and hasn’t stopped since. As a part of our new program she has developed an awesome enameling kit for metal clay with a very comprehensive manual to get you started, as well as five new products directly related to your success in enameling that are unique. They are sure to make your life easier and your results more consistent.



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