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RingCores: 3 Metals in 3 Styles in 2 Widths

RingCores: 3 Metals in 3 Styles in 2 Widths

Simplify & Beautify Your Ring Creations!



“When adding texture around outer surface of the ring there is very little chance of breaking anything because the liner is solid metal,  whereas with an all metal clay ring at the greenware stage breaking the ring band is always a risk, especially for beginners.  I can see possibilities for enamelled silver ring bands which I would be happy to experiment further on.”  -Joy Funnel



  • Channeled styles provides rim in which to create (gives finished edge)
  • Textured styles provide for a sound mechanical bond
  • Smooth styles have highly polished outside and inside for smooth fit
  • Same metal clays fully sinter with RingCore liner
  • Retains exact ring size throughout the creative process
  • Highly polished outside and inside for a smooth fit
  • Made from high silver content alloy
  • Metal will not oxidize during firing
  • Silver versions have content higher than Sterling
  • Silver versions can be legally marked as Sterling
  • Simply apply a same metal paste layer and build upon it
  • Greatest strength during refining and finishing processes





“You do not have to worry anymore about sizing when making a ring with metal clay, The RingCore will have the perfect size already made for you. They are very easy to use, just add some paste to the core and then apply your metal clay on top of it.” -Lorena Angulo


RingCore™ ring liners are precision cast using the lost wax process for maximum density and strength that requires very little finishing and are about 20 gauge thick. They allow you a solid ring foundation of a specific ring size upon which to add simple to sophisticated creations with even the most delicate of design and will result in a solid creation with a long life. They are available in Silver*, Bronze and Copper in two widths.  RingCores™ can also be used for polymer and lamp work glass creations. *The silver alloy we use has a higher silver content than Sterling and can be legally marked as Sterling.


“I found, while working on the rings that you are relieved of three really big anxieties.  First, you don’t have to worry about the sizing.  That’s a huge worry.  Secondly, you can put a lot of pressure on the ring while you are working on it and don’t have to worry about breakage.  For me, that’s also a huge worry.  Thirdly, the milled metal makes for a sturdier finished product.  I found being relieved of those anxieties made for a much more pleasurable experience all around!”  -Jennifer Smith-Righter


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