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QuikArt UltraLight Templates Save Clay!

QuikArt UltraLight Templates Save Clay!

Bigger, Bolder, More Beautiful Art Jewelry Using Less Clay… WOW!


We commissioned the amazingly multi-talented professional graphic artist and illustrator, Heidi Kalyani, to design our new QuikArt UltraLite Clay Saving Template Series specifically with style, size and clay consumption in mind!  Then…



We spent weeks consulting with some of the most respected and gifted metal clay artists from around the globe to verify the functionality of the templates and to provide their own unique style and techniques. (Evelyn Pelati Dombkowski, Lorena Angulo, Jane Font, Joy Funnell and more)  What they came up with truly blew our minds and went above and beyond what we could have ever imagined!  We hope you love this new series as much as our artist ambassadors do!



The high fashion QuikArt UltraLite Series was initially conceived due to rising prices of silver and gold.  We wanted a way for artists to be able to continue to create sizable pieces of art jewelry without blowing their budget.  The “papel picado” style of these templates can reduce clay usage by up to 50% compared to a traditional solid piece of similar size, while at the same time creating a lighter and more comfortable piece of jewelry!




Mix, match and stack designs from different templates to create amazing effects as showcased by some of our wonderfully talented artisans.  Add texture and holes for additional intrigue.



Visit any QuikArt UltraLite Clay Saving Template product page to view more samples, instructions and video demonstration.

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