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Patrik Kusek Products

Patrik Kusek’s Clay Products

New QuikArt Template & Dynasty Texture Sheet


Award-winning designer Patrik Kusek features a variety of woodland textures on this master sheet as part of the Artisan Series produced by Dynasty Stamps. Add exotic and opulent designs to your clay creations with this sheet.  CLICK HERE for more from Patrik…



All designs are deeply etched, then molded onto a rubber sheet to ensure clear, crisp impressions and exquisite detail in your metal clay.  CLICK HERE for more from Patrik…



QuikArt Template by Patrik Kusek

Quickly & Simply Recreate Patrik’s Pendant from his CraftCast Class

This template assists you in quickly and simply creating components to build the “Renaissance Pendant” taught in Patrik Kusek’s CraftCast Class, Renaissance Replay!  (View the finished art below) CLICK HERE for more from Patrik…



QuikArt™ Templates are easy to use precision cut templates.  They are flexible, durable and crystal clear!  This clarity allows for accurate positioning over your clay designs.  5″ wide x 3.5″ tall.




Patrik’s CraftCast Classes

Discover Great Instructional Courses by Patrik


Patrik offers many classes on CraftCast including Renaissance Reply, which uses QuikArt Template #56175 to create the beautiful necklace above!

He also has a wonderful two part course on combining metal and polymer clays…


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