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New Products by Pam East

All New Products by Pam East

Pam’s penchant for creating tools and materials began twelve years ago and hasn’t stopped since. As a part of our new program she has developed an awesome enameling kit for metal clay with a very comprehensive manual to get you started, as well as five unique new products directly related to your success in enameling (details below). They are sure to make your life easier and your results more consistent. CLICK HERE to see all of Pam’s products…


Pam East’s PreNamel

PreNamel is a fantastic metal prep for enameling that works great on both copper and silver. Enamel may not adhere to a surface that has not been properly prepared, or it may pop off or chip after firing. Before beginning to enamel, it is vitally important that the metal be clean and free of all oxides, oils, dust, soaps or other contaminants. PreNamel ensures the metal is ready for enameling. PreNamel is non-toxic. CLICK HERE to watch a video about PreNamel…



Pam East’s CounterNamel

CounterNamel takes all the fuss out of applying and firing counter-enamel. Applying CounterNamel to the back of an enameled piece to prevent the enamel from cracking was tricky with traditional enameling methods. The enamel tends to drop off the back of the piece, even with the generous use of enamel adhesives such as Klyr-Fire. CounterNamel makes the task of firing enamel to the front and back at the same time a snap! This unique lead-free formula creates a layer of enamel that is hard and secure both before and after firing. Simply add water and it’s ready to use! CLICK HERE to learn more about CounNamel…



Pam East’s DeNamel

DeNamel is the sure-fire way to remove enamel from metal. Traditional methods of de-enameling required dangerous, caustic chemicals, or hours of drilling and grinding that left the metal a chewed up mess. Non-toxic DeNamel is safe, quick and easy to use! NOTE: You cannot selectively remove enamel. You must remove all the enamel. CLICK HERE to learn more about DeNamel…



Pam East’s Articulating Trivet

Pam East designed this special enameling trivet to hold from the tiniest pieces to much larger pendants. The size works well in any kiln, including the SpeedFire® ElectricMini™. The raised design allows you to use Pam East’s Universal Spatula to move it on it’s own, without a firing rack. Designed by Pam East & Made in America. Shipped flat, it includes instructions and a template for shaping it to both it’s small and large configurations. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Articulating Trivet…



Pam East’s Universal Spatula

The spade design of this unique firing spatula allows it to be used with the tiniest trivets up to large firing racks, in any kiln. Designed by Pam East & Made in America. It works great with Pam East’s Enameling Trivet!

CLICK HERE for more information about Pam’s Spatula…



Pam East’s {Kickstarter} Enamel Videos

Pam East is producing a comprehensive set of instructional DVDs for enameling on metal clay and is funding it through Kickstarter! You only have 6 more days to pledge and be the first to receive the new DVDs when they come out! She’s even throwing in free domestic shipping! (A shipping fee does apply for international orders) Campaign ends July 29th!



Enameling Tips & Tricks by Pam East

The amazing Pam East must never sleep. In addition to her current Kickstarter Campaign and Product Development, she sent us more images to add to her gallery AND provided some great tips and tricks via Q&A below. You can visit Pam’s home at Metal Clay Guru with all of these goodies at


Who is Pam East?

Pam has been enameling since 1997.
She was named a Master Instructor for Art Clay Silver in 2005.

Over the years Pam has appeared on the highly acclaimed Carol Duvall Show on HGTV, and also on Jewelry Making on the DIY Network. She has written numerous articles for such magazines as Lapidary Journal, Art Jewelry Magazine, Glass-on-Metal, and Step-by-Step Beads. Writing about jewelry topics such as metal clay and enameling continues to be a big part of her life. Kalmbach publishing released Pam’s first book “Enameling on Metal Clay” in 2007. Pam has also been an invited speaker, giving classes and lectures at such gatherings as the Enamellist Society Biennial Conference and the Metal Clay World Conference.

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