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NanoPik… The Ultimate Needle Tool

The NanoPik Needle Tool

Cut, Slice and Dice with Precision…


The NanoPik™ is the tinniest most slender needle tool currently available to metal clay artists!



Designed and built by American precision toolmakers, the NanoPik™ meets the demanding needs of the clay world and is a delight to work with!  When cutting around intricate curves and tight corners of our QuikArt template line you will DEFINITELY appreciate the microfine cutting effect possible with the NanoPik™. It will be the last needle tool you will ever want to own.



Saving the best for last, please take a look at our technical drawing for the NanoPik™.  Note that the “point” isn’t actually a point as with other “needle tools”.  The NanoPik™ actually has a precisely maintained BLUNT tip at .002 radius”.  This reduces the tendency of the tool to drag or cut into your work surface.







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