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Joy Funnell’s Enamel Rings Class w/ RingCores

Join renowned enamel and metal clay artist Joy Funnell at on Sunday, June 23 LIVE at 12 noon ET USA, for 90 minutes, as she shows you how to make and enamel fine silver rings using metal clay.  Learn traditional metal clay ring band making as well as how to work with RingCores™, an innovative product that gives you a perfect fit every time.  You can also purchase the recorded class any time after the live date above!



“RingCores are a great option when adding texture around the outer surface as there is very little chance of breaking anything because the liner is solid metal, and there are no sizing issues. With an all metal clay ring, breaking the ring band at the greenware stage is always a risk, especially for beginners.”  -Joy Funnell





  • Channeled styles provides rim in which to create (gives finished edge)
  • Textured styles provide for a sound mechanical bond
  • Smooth styles have highly polished outside and inside for smooth fit
  • Same metal clays fully sinter with RingCore liner
  • Retains exact ring size throughout the creative process
  • Highly polished outside and inside for a smooth fit
  • Made from high silver content alloy
  • Metal will not oxidize during firing
  • Silver versions have content higher than Sterling
  • Silver versions can be legally marked as Sterling
  • Simply apply a same metal paste layer and build upon it
  • Greatest strength during refining and finishing processes



RingCore™ ring liners are precision cast using the lost wax process for maximum density and strength that requires very little finishing and are about 20 gauge thick. They allow you a solid ring foundation of a specific ring size upon which to add simple to sophisticated creations with even the most delicate of design and will result in a solid creation with a long life. They are available in Silver*, Bronze and Copper in two widths.  RingCores™ can also be used for polymer and lamp work glass creations. *The silver alloy we use has a higher silver content than Sterling and can be legally marked as Sterling.




Joy lives and works in Hastings, East Sussex, UK, and is known for her colourful enamel and silver work. She was making jewellery for many years as a hobby before she encountered silver clay in 2005 and was hooked. Within a year she trained up to Senior Art Clay Instructor, gave up the day job and leapt into a full time career as a jewellery artisan. In 2009 she was awarded Craftsman status with the Guild of Enamellers. As well as running her own business, Joy is also a Senior Editor with Metal Clay Artist Magazine, and has been a committed participant in various annual challenges.

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