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How Green is PMC & Art Clay?

At Metal Clay Supply headquarters, we do our best to minimize the impact we have on the environment with the resources that are available to us.  We have also asked the manufacturers of both Art Clay and PMC, “How green are your clay products?”  Well, we got WAY more information that we can share in a short email, but we would like to share a brief bit of information that many of you may not know.  We will share the full findings of our research with the two companies in the very near future.  Even though we got VERY VERY different responses from representatives of both companies, they had similarities that tied them together – both PMC and Art Clay are made up largely of reclaimed and recycled silver and both companies use environmentally ethical methods to create their products!  Here is a brief statement about each company’s clay products…

“PMC metal clay products (precious metal clays) are manufactured from ethically-mined materials, as well as recycled and reclaimed metals derived from scrap jewelry, cell phones, computers, monitors and industrial waste.”

“The majority of the metal in Art Clay products, including our silver and copper clays, comes from recycled and reclaimed metals taken from repurposed jewelry, electronics, x-rays, photographic film and industrial materials.”

We tell you these things in hopes that you will help continue the cycle of environmental stewardship in your own studio and community.   Please educate your students, peers and customers by informing them of the “greenness” of the products that you use to create your art.

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