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Have You Dreamed of Enameling Like a Pro?

Pam East’s {Kickstarter} Enamel Videos

Help Pam Bring Her Videos to Life on Kickstarter…

Art Clay Master Instructor and world renowned enamelist Pam East has created an amazing Kickstarter campaign for two instructional videos about enameling on metal clay. One video will be for copper clay and the second for silver clay. They will be packed with techniques, tips, tricks and projects! You can be part of the process and be one of the first people to own these wonderful learning tools. Learn more…




Why is Pam Doing This?

Pam loves enameling on metal clay. She loves it so much and she wants everyone to have the opportunity to do it right from the start! This is why she loves teaching. Unfortunately Pam can only teach at a limited number of venues in a year, so teaching large number has been a problem. The solution? Produce an comprehesive set of instructional DVDs for enameling on metal clay.

Pam first started thinking about this project in 2007 shortly after the publication of her first book, Enameling on Metal Clay. Books are a great way to teach and reach people, but sometimes you need to actually see a process in action to really get it. Since then there have been so many new developments in the field of metal clay and enameling! Most notably has been the introduction of Copper Clay.

After considering the volume of material and issues pertaining to silver AND copper enameling, Pam determined the best solution would be to produce two separate DVDs, one for each metal. But she cannot do it without your help! Learn how to get your DVDs…




What will be included on the DVDs?

  • Designing metal clay for enameling.
  • Step-by-step instruction for constructing three metal clay projects per DVD. The projects will be different on each DVD.
  • Proper metal clay firing technique for pieces to be enameled.
  • Preparing fired metals for enameling.
  • Preparing enamels for use.
  • Step-by-step instruction for a variety of enamel application techniques, including counter-enamel (enamel on the back of the piece), sifting dry enamels, and applying enamels wet. Issues specific to each metal type will be addressed.
  • Enamel techniques such as graduated shading and working with opaques.
  • Proper firing of enamels for the specific metal type.
  • Finishing techniques.
  • Troubleshooting common problems.
  • YOUR name in the credits! (for certain pledge levels)




Who is Pam East?

Pam has been enameling since 1997.
She was named a Master Instructor for Art Clay Silver in 2005.

Over the years Pam has appeared on the highly acclaimed Carol Duvall Show on HGTV, and also on Jewelry Making on the DIY Network. She has written numerous articles for such magazines as Lapidary Journal, Art Jewelry Magazine, Glass-on-Metal, and Step-by-Step Beads. Writing about jewelry topics such as metal clay and enameling continues to be a big part of her life. Kalmbach publishing released Pam’s first book “Enameling on Metal Clay” in 2007. Pam has also been an invited speaker, giving classes and lectures at such gatherings as the Enamellist Society Biennial Conference and the Metal Clay World Conference.


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