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Refine & Finish with Amazing Accuracy!

  Must Have for Every Metal Clayist’s Tool Box! Don’t leave a square millimeter unattended to…   You are going to LOVE working with this line up of finishing tools. These light and medium weight multipurpose instruments allow you to get into obscure spaces or parts that need a delicate sanding. Don’t settle for lesser…
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NanoPik… The Ultimate Needle Tool

The NanoPik Needle Tool Cut, Slice and Dice with Precision…   The NanoPik™ is the tinniest most slender needle tool currently available to metal clay artists!     Designed and built by American precision toolmakers, the NanoPik™ meets the demanding needs of the clay world and is a delight to work with!  When cutting around…
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Punch Like a Pro!

Punch Like a Professional… With the Euro Power Punch Plier Tool… The Euro Power Punch Plier packs a big punch!  Let the tool do all the work with the specially designed compound action and hardened cutting dies.  Punch through thick metal with ease (nonferrous metal sheet up to 16-gague – 1.3mm).  Lightweight carrying case with…
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Digital Kiln for Just $389

  The SpeedFire® ElectricMini™ PRO is the culmination of our dreams and designs over many years for an economical, digitally controlled kiln ideal for all metal clays, enameling AND glass. With the advent of the SFEM PRO we now deliver controllability for those who like to be – well, in control!  Read more…   Full Digital…
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