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7 More QuikArt Texture Mat Pairs

7 NEW QuikArt Texture Pair Mat Designs

More options to add stunning textural detail to your metal clay art!


QuikArt Texture Pairs
are different than normal texture mats because we use both the positive and negative versions of our custom designed art to give you more design options.  Sounds easy, but most art does not lend itself to working in both positive and negative and many variables such element spacing, depth and volume affect the usability of a stamp.  We spend a large amount of time testing and reworking the original art to ensure you get ideal impressions in clay!  QuikArt Texture Pairs are great for embellishing backgrounds and reverse sides of your art!




Our photopolymer QuikArt Texture Pairs allow for a varying depth of impression.  They are made using a special process that creates three dimensional depths of texture.  The very nature of the photo process yields shallower impressions when raised art areas are closer together and deeper impressions when they are farther apart. This aspect is what sets them apart from traditional rubber stamps that have a clearly defined high and low and therefore lacking the subtlety of the photopolymer process.


Each QuikArt Texture Pair “mat” is a high definition rollable texture created specifically for great impressions in all types of clay!  A specialized process is used during manufacturing so that every one has the ideal density, durometer and depth to make stunning designs, from subtle to bold with beautiful relief!



Texture & Stamp Accessories

Enhance Your Textural Experience!



When working with QuikArt Elements Stamps and Texture Pairs, we suggest using one of the following release agents to provide the nicest impression while maximizing the life of your stamp.  Using any other lubricating agents could shorten the life of the product.


  • QuikArt NoStick Pen
  • HattieS No Stick
  • Badger Balm
  • Olive Oil

Each QuikArt Texture Pair includes 2 texture mat pairs measuring 2″ x 2.65″ each!

 Keep your QuikArt Texture Pairs clean and “tacky” by using only soap and water to clean them. All photopolymer textures are light sensitive.  They can take on a yellow tint and become less flexible, though still fully useable.  It is best if they are stored away from light for maximum life.


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