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Joy Funnell’s Enamel Rings Class w/ RingCores

Join renowned enamel and metal clay artist Joy Funnell at on Sunday, June 23 LIVE at 12 noon ET USA, for 90 minutes, as she shows you how to make and enamel fine silver rings using metal clay.  Learn traditional metal clay ring band making as well as how to work with RingCores™, an innovative product that…
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NanoPik… The Ultimate Needle Tool

The NanoPik Needle Tool Cut, Slice and Dice with Precision…   The NanoPik™ is the tinniest most slender needle tool currently available to metal clay artists!     Designed and built by American precision toolmakers, the NanoPik™ meets the demanding needs of the clay world and is a delight to work with!  When cutting around…
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NEW Ring Pellet Molds

Create Your Own Ring Pellets! Control the size of your metal clay rings… Control the final size of your ring creations with Ring Pellet Molds!  They are a cost-effective way to cast your own ring pellets, which are used to control the shrinkage of metal clay during firing. Use investment (sold separately or available in on…
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Patrik Kusek Products

Patrik Kusek’s Clay Products New QuikArt Template & Dynasty Texture Sheet   Award-winning designer Patrik Kusek features a variety of woodland textures on this master sheet as part of the Artisan Series produced by Dynasty Stamps. Add exotic and opulent designs to your clay creations with this sheet.  CLICK HERE for more from Patrik…    …
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