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Archive for February, 2013

96 New Colors of Polymer Clay!

Sculpey Polymer Clay & Accessories!   Create mixed media elements to combine with metal clay creations! In response to so many of our artistic customers involved in mixed media, we now offer the most popular polymer clay products for your creations.  We also know that the great skills of polymer clay artists are immediately applicable…
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Bronze & Copper Findings

We have added a comprehensive line of bronze and copper findings that you can incorporate directly into your bronze and copper metal clay creations.  Add some class, style and sophistication to your art by finishing your pieces off with these wonderful options.  CLICK HERE to view them all…  

Digital Kiln for Just $389

  The SpeedFire® ElectricMini™ PRO is the culmination of our dreams and designs over many years for an economical, digitally controlled kiln ideal for all metal clays, enameling AND glass. With the advent of the SFEM PRO we now deliver controllability for those who like to be – well, in control!  Read more…   Full Digital…
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