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Archive for September, 2012

Hadar’s Brilliant Bronze Clay

Hadar’s Brilliant Bronze is bronze with a golden color. Flat pieces shrink 23.5%; rings shrink 2½ sizes. It fires at the same temperature as Quick-fire bronze (mid-fire schedule). Like Quick-fire bronze, it combines well with all of Hadar’s clays. Hadar’s Clay is metal clay in the form of powder. The powder is already mixed with…
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Hadar’s Quick Fire Steel Clay XT

Low Shrinkage Quick-fire Steel XT shrinks only 10%. It works well on its own and in combination with other metals without distortions which may be caused by high-shrinkage. It is best for structural purposes, but can be used for decorative elements as well. Use this type for rings and any piece which consists mainly of…
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Contemporary Metal Clay Rings {book} by Hattie Sanderson

This comprehensive text is clearly the ultimate word on metal clay, particularly as it is used in the creation of rings. Over 700 photos illustrate the tools, processes and stunning results available to aspiring artists. The instructional text would be a weighty book all by itself, but that text is augmented with 21 projects and…
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