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Lorena Angulo’s QuikArt Templates

Lorena’s Organic Edge QuikArt™ Templates are easy to use precision cut templates that allow you to quickly and simply create natural looking edges for all your clay art!     You can also use the outer edges of the template to create freehand organic borders and designs for your creations! Each template is flexible, durable…
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The SpeedFire Electric Mini 1800

Inspired by the time based firing capability of the original SpeedFire ElectricMini (now known as the 1600), the new 1800 model reaches temperatures around 1840ºF and was created for two reasons: 1) to attain higher temperatures to fire copper clays without a controller or pyrometer, relying solely on time and 2) the persistent request for…
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Hallmarks for Metal Clay

Mark your clay creations with our high-definition QuikArt Hallmark Stamps & Stampers. These stamps were designed for ideal impressions in clay. There are three sizes for each of the primary marks making them appropriate for small rings, charms and earrings and larger creations. Set includes 28 Hallmark Stamps & 2 Hallmark Stampers. View & Order…
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63 New QuikArt Elements Stamps

QuikArt™ Elements are high definition designer stamps created specifically for great impressions in all types of clay! A proprietary process is used during manufacturing so that each stamp has the ideal density, durometer and depth to make stunning designs, from subtle to bold, in clay with beautiful relief! Each Werdz QuikArt Element Stamp card comes…
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