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Extrude Like a Pro!

This professional grade extruder is made of light weight aircraft grade anodized aluminum and is the easiest way to make a wide variety of extrusions for embellishing your metal and polymer clay projects.  It is compatible will all metals including fine silver which is protected from reaction by the green anodized surfaces.  Also works with bronze and copper clays. It has high capacity and an easy turning screw design.  Disassembly and cleaning are easy.  Built to last!

Also included is an end cap and Water Crystal (with instructions) that will keep clay fresh in the extruder for extended periods of time without drying out.  CLICK FOR MORE…

Wow ‘em with vivid color!

Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks

Make your artistic creations POP using these 48 innovative inks by Ranger!



Acid-free, fast drying transparent coordinating Earthtones, Lights and Brights dye inks specially formulated to create a colorful, polished stone effect. Use on metal clays and other metals, glossy paper, dominoes, shrink plastic, glass, and other slick surfaces.  CLICK HERE to view all 48 colors…




Alcohol Blending Solution is available for lightening colors and cleaning inks from non-porous surfaces. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Alcohol Blending Solution…



Janet Alexander loves working with these Alcohol Inks, as well as the Vintaj Patina’s by Ranger.  You will find three great project and instruction sheets by Janet on each product page!  She has over 38 years experience in jewelry metal arts as a bench jeweler, designer, and instructor. Janet is a National Jewelry Instructor teaching at conventions and bead shows including Bead & Button, Interweave Bead Fest, Adorn Me, and Metal Clay by the Bay.




On each product page, you will also find three great projects by Debbie Tlach using a variety of different materials including amazing Polymer Clay Art!





Mixative Metals

More Fantastic Effects for Your Art!


Metallic Mixatives™ are luminous, fast drying, acid free inks, specially formulated to create metallic highlights when combined with Adirondack® Alcohol Inks. Use them on all non-porous surfaces such as metal clays,  light or dark gloss paper, dominoes, Memory Glass™ and other slick surfaces. (Snow White mixative also available)  CLICK HERE for more information on mixative metals…




See ALL New Products at Metal Clay Supply…

Metal Clay Interests on Pinterest!

We would like to invite you to visit our professionally curated collection of beautiful metal clay art created by you and your peers that will definitely inspire and fuel your creative fires.  Follow our page to stay in the know about new tips, tricks, techniques and more from our favorite and incredibly talented metal clay artists.  We are proud to be part of this amazingly creative medium so full of original talent.  Visit our Pinterest page and follow us, follow your favorite boards or pin some amazing art & metal clay products!!!

More Vibrant Colors for Your Art!

Add Vibrant Color to Your Metal Art Creations!

Give Vintaj Patinas and Glaze a try…


Vintaj Patinas are opaque inks specially formulated by Ranger to adhere to metal. They create beautiful and durable patina effects. These Patinas will add soft subtlety and emphasis to your silver, sterling silver, bronze and copper finished pieces for gorgeous creative effects.  They are compatible with all metal surfaces and many other multimedia creations using other materials.  They are offered in economical complimentary color sets.  CLICK HERE for details…

  • Opaque inks for metal
  • 21 blendable colors and 4 metallics
  • 7 kits of 3 colors each; 2 kits of 2 metallics each
  • Fast drying satin finish
  • No acids and UV safe


Photopolymer Plates & ReVerseArt Film

Our QuikArt Photopolymer Plates are the best made and are available to you in three sizes and three versatile relief depths to serve all of your creative needs.  These sturdy steel back plates will give you high quality results and are awesome to work with!

Our ReVerseArt Film and Developer gives the ability of making truly opaque negatives (reversed art) of your original design using a simple process!  Anything you can draw or print can now be easily converted into film for use with QuikArt Photopolymer Plates.




QuikArt™ Photopolymer Plates…


QuikArt™ Photopolymer Plates are professional quality and made to strict standards for consistency and are easy to use!  The .018 Shallow Low Profile relief is perfect for fine lines, lettering and fingerprints.  It holds detail great and washes out quickly.  The .026 Standard Profile relief is your “go to” thickness for most stamps and textures.  There is enough depth to get good dimensionality to your stamps without being too deep.  When in doubt, choose this one!  The .059 Deep Profile is perfect for enameling and deep impression designs. Pam East uses .059 when creating designs for Champlevė enameling. Details…



QuikArt™ ReVerseArt™ Film…


ReVerseArt™ Film is ideal for use with QuikArt™ Photopolymer Plates when you want to skip the computer step and go directly to plates. It is used to “invert” black and white/clear art.  Further, REVerseArt Film creates a totally opaque negative and allows for the ultimate in sharpness and good crisp edges, though inkjet, laser and black pen art can do a great job when working directly on plates.  Details…



ReVerseArt/Photopolymer Starter Kit

This kit is a great way to get all the supplies you’ll need to get started using QuikArt ReVerseArt and Photopolymer Plates and save money!  The kit includes a great mix of products.  CLICK HERE to see all that’s included…


15 Minutes with Pam East…

Pam East takes you through the process of using QuikArt Photopolymer Plates and ReVerseArt Film and Developer separately and together to change your original art into texture plates and stamps to make your creative life in metal clays a much greater experience!  She leaves nothing to the imagination in this informative 16+ minute walk through.  Everything you need to know for reliable success with these products is included!  Watch the video!!!


Two FREE Downloads…

Learn even more about how to successfully create beautiful art with these instructional documents written by two of our amazing friends and accomplished metal clay artists, Pam East and Sue McNenly!  CLICK HERE to visit the download page…

Free Shipping to USA & More

You are going to LOVE our new FREE and $5 shipping options for orders delivering to USA addresses available for ALL customer types!  Orders shipping ANYwhere in the USA of $150 or more receive FREE SHIPPING and orders of under$150 ship for just $5.  CLICK HERE for more details!



Double MC$ Rewards EVERY day on EVERY Product!

We value your loyalty and want to reward you!  Receive 2 MC$ Rewards Points for every dollar you spend (that’s like a 2% discount on EVERY order)!  Shop with Metal Clay Supply and save every day!


*Includes APO orders to our Armed Forces Overseas!

7 More QuikArt Texture Mat Pairs

7 NEW QuikArt Texture Pair Mat Designs

More options to add stunning textural detail to your metal clay art!


QuikArt Texture Pairs
are different than normal texture mats because we use both the positive and negative versions of our custom designed art to give you more design options.  Sounds easy, but most art does not lend itself to working in both positive and negative and many variables such element spacing, depth and volume affect the usability of a stamp.  We spend a large amount of time testing and reworking the original art to ensure you get ideal impressions in clay!  QuikArt Texture Pairs are great for embellishing backgrounds and reverse sides of your art!




Our photopolymer QuikArt Texture Pairs allow for a varying depth of impression.  They are made using a special process that creates three dimensional depths of texture.  The very nature of the photo process yields shallower impressions when raised art areas are closer together and deeper impressions when they are farther apart. This aspect is what sets them apart from traditional rubber stamps that have a clearly defined high and low and therefore lacking the subtlety of the photopolymer process.


Each QuikArt Texture Pair “mat” is a high definition rollable texture created specifically for great impressions in all types of clay!  A specialized process is used during manufacturing so that every one has the ideal density, durometer and depth to make stunning designs, from subtle to bold with beautiful relief!



Texture & Stamp Accessories

Enhance Your Textural Experience!



When working with QuikArt Elements Stamps and Texture Pairs, we suggest using one of the following release agents to provide the nicest impression while maximizing the life of your stamp.  Using any other lubricating agents could shorten the life of the product.


  • QuikArt NoStick Pen
  • HattieS No Stick
  • Badger Balm
  • Olive Oil

Each QuikArt Texture Pair includes 2 texture mat pairs measuring 2″ x 2.65″ each!

 Keep your QuikArt Texture Pairs clean and “tacky” by using only soap and water to clean them. All photopolymer textures are light sensitive.  They can take on a yellow tint and become less flexible, though still fully useable.  It is best if they are stored away from light for maximum life.


Patrik Kusek Templates & Techniques

New Tab Setting Technique w/ Patrik Kusek

{ Use tab settings for mixed media designs }


Patrik created this series of templates because he wanted an easy way to set mix media objects into some of his jewelry.  Collage, enameled resins, polymer clay, glass, just about anything that is thin enough and that can be cut can be used!  The process is easy and the base can be made with not only metal clay, but on silver, copper and brass sheet as well.  View all of Patrik’s Products…












Patrik’s Woodland Chic Dynasty Stamp Sheet

{ Features textures used in the samples on this page }

All designs are deeply etched, then molded onto a rubber sheet to ensure clear, crisp impressions and exquisite detail in your metal clay.  View all of Patrik’s Products…



Patrik’s CraftCast Classes


Discover Great Instructional Courses by Patrik


Patrik offers many classes on CraftCast including Renaissance Reply, which uses QuikArt Template #56175 to create the beautiful necklace pendant below.  He also has a wonderful two part course on combining metal and polymer clays…



About the Author

{ Patrik Kusek }


Patrik’s unique vision for his jewelry designs has won praise from jewelry collectors both nationally and internationally. His experience in the worlds of design and fashion helped shape his creative vision and brand. He is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and The Academy of Art University. He worked as a Fashion Stylist at Macy’s San Francisco and was the owner and Creative Director of Wallop Design Group, a graphic design and branding company.

He currently is able to pursue his passion as a jewelry artist and instructor. He teaches metal clay workshops around the country as well as internationally. He is one of 9 senior instructors for Rio Grande and teaches Rio Rewards PMC certification workshops internationally. He was a featured artist on HGTV’s “That’s Clever.” Patrik’s work has been published in numerous books and publications such as 500 Pendants and Lockets, New Directions in Metal Clay: 25 Creative Jewelry Projects By CeCe Wire, Lapidary Journal and MJSA Journal, among others. He was recently a featured artist in Ornament Magazine. He has written articles for Art Jewelry Magazine, Metal Clay Artist Magazine and has authored numerous tutorials for Whole Lotta Whimsy, Aftosa, Rio Grande and He is also the recipient of the 2007 Saul Bell Award 1st place in PMC.  View all of Patrik’s Products…

Refine & Finish with Amazing Accuracy!


Must Have for Every Metal Clayist’s Tool Box!

Don’t leave a square millimeter unattended to…


You are going to LOVE working with this line up of finishing tools. These light and medium weight multipurpose instruments allow you to get into obscure spaces or parts that need a delicate sanding. Don’t settle for lesser quality tools for your creative projects that demand the best! CLICK HERE to see all new Crafty Cat tools…

These tools can be used to sand rough edges, scuffs, scratches, imperfections, and indents. When progressing through a project, a steady application through coarse, medium, and fine grits will produce optimal results, as each tool is tailored for a specific job. Each is highly durable, reusable and 100% waterproof which is a great advantage to the number of diverse projects that can be completed. CLICK HERE to see all new Crafty Cat tools…


 Precision is Important!

The devil is in the details…


Lorena Angulo’s Papel Picado Templates


Lorena’s Papel Picado QuikArt™ Templates are easy to use precision cut templates that allow you to quickly and simply create some of Lorena’s favorite custom designed Papel Picado art!


Papel picado (“perforated paper”) is a decorative craft made out of paper cut into elaborate designs. Although it is a Mexican folk art, papel picado is used as a holiday decoration in many countries.

QuikArt™ Templates are easy to use precision cut templates. They are flexible, durable and crystal clear! This clarity allows for accurate positioning over your clay designs. 5″ wide x 3.5″ tall.


Lorena was born in Mexico where she had a firsthand opportunity to experience the diverse cultural and artistic expressions of her country while traveling around Mexico.


She lived in Chiapas, Mexico for the first years of her life which gave her a wonderful experience and memories about the folk art and the amazing jewelry that native Indians wore and made for special occasions.


Lorena initiated her studies in Mass Communication Sciences at the Universidad Iberoamericana Noroeste in Baja California, Mexico to later continue with her major in Mass Communications and Advertising at the University of Texas at El Paso.


After several years of doing art and graphic design, as well as managing the business side of her family’s printing shop, she moved to Princeton, New Jersey to start her own family.


In 2003 Lorena and her family moved to San Antonio, Texas where her passion and love for art motivated her to study metals at the South West School of Art and Craft. It was in this school where Lorena had her first experience with metal clay through the hands of a wonderful teacher, Claire Holliday.


Lorena’s work is full of her culture and traditions from Mexico, every piece has a story to tell.


Lorena earned her certification from Rio Rewards and is a member of PMC Guild, SNAG and MCASA (Metal Clay Artists in San Antonio.)